Sexy Pakistani Girls

In Pakistani, Beauty pageants are restricted, a bit no-no in the country. Pakistani girls living aboard are ready to dare-all. These girls are a big challenge to moral police back home

Sonia Ahmed, an expat Pakistani started a rebellion – rather bikini rebellion and started Miss Pakistan World contest, becoming its president. She is Toronto resident and started pageant in 2002 as Miss Pakistan Canada, which became Miss Pakistan World in 2005. She said: “We aren’t bothered by what hardliners in Pakistan or here say. We will continue sending participants to beauty pageants come what may.”

Indeed Pakistani women are very beautiful and they celebrate their beauty daring all.Now more and more expat Pakistani are seen in skimpy and revealing cloths. They even wear bikinis in beaches aboard. They participate in parties exposing their cleavages and wear short cloths and belly exposing low hip jean

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Pakistani girls are very sexy Women and some of them are very innocent and have smiles that are very affectionable.They are women who like to wear sarees and salwars or modern girls who enjoy themselves living in fashion world or the world of fashion. Muslim Women i Pakistan and other countries are very nice and cute.From my past experiences i know that most people like homely girls who can be loved and married.

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